8Flat Frequency Radio Features AHE’s Synik

8Flat Frequency Radio Features AHE’s Synik

With strong historical ties dating back to the early days of his creative output, curators of the Portland  based (shouts to the homies)  8 Flat Frequency platform have chosen to shine their influential spotlight on Audible Hustle’s Synik. Delivering weekly episodes packed with eclectic instrumentation and full length tracks from worldwide artists, they’ve become a respected set of taste-makers in the budding west coast melting pot.

As fellow militia veterans in the uniformed service, natural born creatives and southern natives, there’s no wonder as to how an organic connection still resounds even years after traveling their separate ways – now residing on totally opposite coasts actually. The selected tracks crafted by Synik that 8Flat has chosen include:

Crushed Newport Boxes – apparently its hard to put them ‘ports down. on the real for real, Synik drops reflective bars on this track and serves his hungry listeners generously.

Tryna Be Fresh – also includes AHE affiliate E-Jay. the synergy w/i the squad was super electric during the time this one got created. typical fly nigga shit.

Focus – we shifted the paradigm in 2016, hope you got the notice (lead track from his latest EP “Here We Gogh“).

Shadow Box – the track the sold me on Synik’s creative skillset. I first heard this in a 4 Star Hotel located in Cesme, Turkey. We rented out a 4 bedroom spot – 3 guys and 1 girl. Ask bruh, how that night went for him (I was sleep :).

Winter in America – kicked off w/ a vocal sample of Gil Scott Heron mixed with jazzy instrumentation by TheLittlestBrother, easily one of my favorites. the descriptive lyrics mesh perfectly with this beat selection.

Check out the full mix of smooth, and varied content. Look out for new lyrics from the Mississippi native Synik super soon. Meanwhile, subscribe to 8Flat Frequency Radio on MixCloud and support a platform specially crafted for hard working indies. Tell ’em Wolf sent ya (you had to be living in metro Atlanta during the early 90s to understand).

written by Rod McCoy

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