Bknott and Beezy Latta are the New Kenan and Kel and Their Latest Visual Shows You Why

Kenan and Kel

— Bknott and Beezy Latta, of New York City’sThrifty Retro Records, have dropped a nostalgic visual for their 90’s Nick-inspired collab, “Kenan and Kel”.

If you’re a 90’s baby, you undoubtedly understand the importance and impact of the Nickelodeon network. Although it had been officially launched in 1977, Nickelodeon had a major explosion in the mid-90’s as they told wacky stories from the child’s perspective with little regard to what would be considered rude or inappropriate by adults. One massively successful series from this era, Kenan & Kel, starred two young Black teens whose friendship was always strained by their wild schemes and differing personalities. Yet, they always found a way to reconcile. So, you can imagine the cultural significance when MCs, Bknott and Beezy Latta released a song and visual of the same title equating their own friendship to that of these 90’s icons.

The music video, directed by Bknott himself, opens with a shot of Bknott laying on top of countless bottles of orange soda — a hilarious nod to Kel’s ridiculous obsession with orange soda in the original TV show. The following shots continue to parody the 90’s sitcom as Bknott and Beezy Latta mimic the exaggerated mannerisms of the original duo, jump kick into the camera as Kel does during the opening credits of All That (another Nick show featuring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell), and wear 90’s-esque clothing brimming with vibrant colors. The visual even concludes brilliantly with another classic reference as Beezy Latta sits in a tub reenacting Kenan Thompson’s famous All That sketch, ‘Everyday French with Pierre Escargot’ — a tribute to the original “Nigga in Paris”.

The entire Thrift Retro Records camp seem to work in hyperspeed with new songs and visuals dropping on the regular, including a recently released album by Bknott titled, Heed My Words. So, be sure to be on the lookout for more from these two rising stars and their squad as they continue to represent for the Hip Hop Mecca.

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