Joyner Lucas Releases First Single and Music Video for Upcoming Album, ‘ADHD’

Joyner Lucas

— Atlantic Records’ Joyner Lucas has officially commenced the rollout for his debut studio album, ADHD, with the release of its first single, “I Love”, as well as an accompanying music video.

Over the past few years, Joyner Lucas has emerged as one of the more talented lyricist in the newer class of rappers. He’s garnered lots of attention with his controversial “I’m Not Racist” visual, he dropped a friendly but vicious diss track aimed at Lil Pump, and recorded arguably the best featured verse of the year on Eminem’s “Lucky You”. Now, Joyner Lucas intends on capping off this already crazy year in Hip-Hop with a jaw dropping album release of his own. But, until then, he’s gifted us with a new single titled, “I Love”, with a music video to match.

Lucas, as usual, came with the bars, but he’s also got quite a banger on his hands. While it’s not his first, Lucas has been criticized for having incredible lyrical ability, but subpar hit-making skills. However, with “I Love”, there’s an obvious presence of both in large quantities.

Lucas uses this track to send shots at all of his haters and detractors while also detailing his love for this rap shit and the grind that comes with it. He even dares for anyone to doubt him or double cross him as he sets his sights on the top of the rap game.

The music video, directed by Ben Proulx and Joyner Lucas, contains a number of visually appealing scenes including an unusually lit crime scene, an ominous cathedral, and a pool party that gives you the instant sensation of F.O.M.O. The video also incorporated the theme of love into each shot, sometimes with subtlety and other times more overtly. You can also catch a few random easter eggs such as the dead president look-alikes burning money alongside Lucas.

Whatever you do, make sure you watch the video a few times to catch all of the madness. Also, stay tuned for more releases from Joyner Lucas in the upcoming months. He’s officially in album mode and with “I Love” setting the tone, we can be sure to expect some heat.

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