The Life and Legacy of Mac Miller to be Celebrated at Blue Slide Park this September

Mac Miller

— One year after the passing of Hip-Hop icon, Mac Miller, a celebration of his life will take place in his favorite Pittsburgh park.

The untimely death of Mac Miller in September 2018 sent instant shockwaves throughout the entire music industry. While Mac was one of the most gifted artists of our time, his jovial spirit and genuine personality were completely unmatched. So, it’s only right that he be formally celebrated on the first anniversary of his passing.

On September 7th, many will gather in Pittsburgh’s Frick Park, A.K.A ‘Blue Slide Park’, to honor the life of Mac Miller. The event will start at 12pm and there will be music and videos of Mac being played throughout.

For those who may not remember, Blue Slide Park is a Pittsburgh park that Mac Miller frequented as a youngster. It is also the title of his 2011 debut album.

Rest Easy, Mac.

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