This might sound both equally ratchet and perverted but few things excite me more than a big booty guhl! On that small list of things that do, discovering great artistic talents ranks pretty high towards the top. Although I’m an emcee, I would be quick to tell you that neo-soul is hands down, the greatest genre alive! With that being said, coming across singers that possess the voice, presence and charisma in one package puts me in a state of bliss. Just for a moment, I get taken on a trip through the vibrations and I never want it to end.

Last night while supporting the homies Flymind Poets at a jam session in the greater area of the metro – Decatur, standing against the wall, faded with an Arizona Tea in hand, I see this petite woman walk upstairs with a plate in her palm. Taking the attention of everyone in the room, she gracefully takes a direct route to the mic and bellows out smooth, effortless vocals as if she just knows that she can fuck up the scene whenever she gets ready. What started with “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” turned into some kind of soulful, funk infused melody as she just went with the flow of the band and her creative juices. Unfortunately, I can’t share that particular experience with you but I did find her on Soundcloud and came across a straight up gem in her track “Jupiter Rise”. I don’t know if she writes her own lyrics but if so, that’s a major plus as well. Even if not, her voice alone tends to get the message across every time. Listen to “Jupiter Rise” by Karis Lovechild and tell me what you think!

Atlanta Love Child 2