The Louisville Slugger “Philly Blocks“ Is back with another cinematic visual. This one is fresh off the brand new “Mr. 17th EP”. Philly tag teams on this banger with his fellow Team 563 playmaker “Cino Fresh“ to give fans a front row seat to the feature presentation “Movies“. Grab the popcorn and sip on something while you enjoy the show.

Stream the full project here:


Back in 2018, COMPLEX had him on watch as Atlanta’s “Rising Rapper.” In the following year, he was the artist we needed to watch – now, no one’s playing – GRIP is the rapper-raconteur, a rare breed, that you need to stop sleeping on.

His latest single, “Peaks & Pitfalls,” imparts the ultimate enrapture: A nostalgic rap-type beat, produced by Latrell James, paired with an elevated hook, “I know with all the peaks they’ll be pitfalls / Just don’t quit y’all,” a track you have no choice but to get a GRIP on.

The mellifluous track is the latest of GRIP‘s recent string of singles this year, following the release of his EP, Proboscidea (2020), and the “defiant” album we still have on heavy rotation, SNUBNOSE (2019).

GRIP maintains his authenticity track-in track-out, a pure lyrical incendiary – spitting the rhymes that ignite the substances of survival, aspiration, and all-in-between, the East Atlanta native is one-of-a-kind and we’re right here for it.

Listen now below.

Big KRIT drops a hard hitting, self-produced single in “Pick Up The Pace“, a collaboration with EA Sports and MLB The Show. With an anthem-like feel, Krit makes timely baseball references that dually serve as metaphorical words of wisdom.

big krit pick up the pace

A living testament of the grind, its safe to say that Krit has fully embraced his position as one of rap’s top independent artists. Since the departure from Def Jam it seems as if he’s actually gathering more big time placements on his own.

On the second verse of “Pick Up The Pace“, Krit recites “max contract, they want me back, imma have to green it up”. While its unclear if this is a reference to sports and his perceived worth in the arena of hip-hop or a revelation of labels attempting to reunite with the acclaimed creator, its BEEN plain to see that he has no plans of slowing down.

Picking up the pace definitely sounds like the better of the two options.

Stream the infectious single below on our “SHINE LIKE SUN” playlist. Also featuring the likes of Dizzy Wright, Mick Jenkins, Horus Gump and more. Follow us while you’re there.