PremeHeem Expresses His Views on Short-Lived Love in New Song, “ Temporary ”


— Atlanta-based MC, PremeHeem, keeps his fans in the know as he goes through different trials and tribulations. This time, Preme has learned a tough lesson and shares his insights on his dreamy new track, “ Temporary ”.

Temporary love is something that so many of us can relate to. Whether that love is in the form of a romantic relationship or friendship, the ultimate realization that it won’t last forever can be troubling to say the least. That wasted effort, time, and sometimes even money can all be painful to reminisce about. Nonetheless, we all know that feeling and the life lessons that come with it. But, if you feel alone or don’t know how to express this sentiment, PremeHeem has you covered.

Preme opens up with the line, “I remember there was no pressure, we was just coolin’”, painting the picture of a worry-free time in his relationship. However, over the span of just over 3-minutes, PremeHeem details the deterioration of what seemed so perfect in the beginning, even dropping emphatic lines like, “I remember me counting you on my list of blessings, all for you to switch up and change up and blame depression.”

All in all, PremeHeem has come to the conclusion that “everything is temporary” out here. And, while that may seem a bit unsettling, such mindset shifts are necessary for growth — mentally, financially, and otherwise.

Catch the full track right here and be sure keep up with PremeHeem’s day-to-day happenings on his Instagram page.

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