Queen of RNB? Derelyn’s New Single “Use Me” Is A Steamy Lover’s Ballad

Queen of RNB?

Either Jacquees or Tyrese, we’re still not sure who ended up being crowned the King of RNB. As for the multitude of feminine energy peculating throughout the genre however, newly Atlanta based singer Derelyn is a undeniable contender. A Queen native to New Orleans, Derelyn graciously gifts listeners with a captivating, lover’s anthem on her new single, “Use Me“.

Derelyn Use Me
Derelyn – “Use Me”

Possibly the most submissive phrase one could use (aside from…nvm), Derelyn’sUse Me” is an appeal to explore. As it typically goes when love is the inspiration, we freely give as long as our love isn’t abused. As Derelyn soulfully sings “use me, love me, don’t abuse me“, she proclaims a desire for compassion. With Aaliyah Haughton like rifts and pumping bass, Derelyn shines honorably on this IcyTwat produced banger. Follow @DerelynM on all social media and be sure to like, share + comment on Derelyn’s awesome new video below, directed by Dominic Scott. Also look out for Derelyn at future ReplayATL event’s held at Artisans Bar and Gallery – every Monday night in Atlanta.

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