Rello The GOD Faces the Jury with Not Guilty (The EP)

Rello The GOD Faces the Jury with Not Guilty (The EP)

– Just a month after releasing Soul Hop & Saving Grace, Rello The GOD, delivers another well-crafted project titled Not Guilty (The EP)

Rello The GOD introduces his latest EP, Not Guilty, in extraordinary fashion as he cruises through Jay Z’s Yeezy-produced hit, “Izzo (H.O.V.A).” And, although this track alone would have been newsworthy itself, Rello The GOD completely shit on his naysayers with this short, but incendiary, project.

With concepts and dialogue that paint a clear picture of Rello’s personal happenings, he does more than showcase his incredible lyricism and songwriting skills. He tells stories that display his humanity, passion, and ambition all while making tracks you can vibe to. Check out the full EP below, and if you missed his last project, Soul Hop & Saving Grace, make sure you give that a listen too.

Written by DJ Robinson

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