This Impromptu Freestyle Session at Atlanta’s Music Room is Proof That the Spirit of Hip-Hop Lives On

Last Thursday night The Music Room on Atlanta’s legendary Edgewood Avenue was the place to be. First off, everyone was in the building to see J-Coop and Last Name Good perform their recently released Paid in Amerikkka album live (if you haven’t copped that yet, you’re SCHLEEP!). The house was packed and the entire night was epic to say the least (read the full story here). However, during the run of opening acts, there was a particularly special moment that would have put a smile on the faces of any true hip-hop junkie.

When East Atlanta native, Allen Thomas, stepped onto the stage most of us expected a phenomenal set simply because the lineup was just that great. As predicted, we got a great set, but not exactly in the way we imagined. Before performing himself, Allen played a few beats and invited some of the skillful MCs in the crowd to show off their talents in the rawest way possible – freestyling. Go ahead, check it out for yourself.

The first artist that steps up to the mic (around 5:45) goes by the name of Sabir. Following him are Fat Bastard J, Barz Damu, Spooks McGhie, and FrankoShack. The second-to-last performer was unknown and didn’t drop a name, but shout out to him for getting a few bars in.

The Music Room will also be hosting our upcoming showcase, The Audible Hustle on April 13th. Tickets are on sale now. Grab them here.

Written By DJ Robinson

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