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As you probably know by now, hip-hop lost another all-time great with the passing of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy. He will truly be missed by music lovers everywhere without a doubt. So, to pay homage to the Queens, NY legend, BryZone_YBP has released a short mix featuring classic Prodigy lyrics from the 1995 Mobb Deep album, The Infamous.

Red Dye Karma

derrick russell. the East Atlanta Bear has crafted a beautiful musical journey with Red Dye Karma. Welding reminiscent storytelling and shining brightly over synergized production, the Audible Hustle newcomer has his unique talents on full display. Stream below.

The Whole Pack

Preparing to release his next bundle of rocks, BryZone_YBP mashes up a warm fuzzy vibe with his “The Whole Pack” instrumental release. This super melodic, mid-tempo ensemble falls right into line with Bry’s ever growing prowess of boom-bap, hip-hop jazz supremacy. Stream the jam below.

bryZone_ybp – the whole pack by bryZone_ybp

A new track from my upcoming album that was also featured on the @inneroceanrecords, @o-nei-ric-tapes & @saikei-collective compilation ‘Bless Vol. 1’. It is a collaboration tape that all proceeds will go to help The White Helmets support those in need in Syria from the horrors so many innocent people are facing there.

Elaina Mione

Rello The GOD returns with a new concept album tited, “Elaina Mione“. A story of a married man falling in love and attempting to get his spouse aligned with the idea of his chosen companion. Elaina Mione – say it slow. We just hustling baby.

Viva Soul

ATLien Billy Vietlanta drops off the highly anticipated “Viva Soul” project featuring label-mate Rello The God and others. If you’ve ever said “Atlanta Rap is one dimensional, just hit play and peel back. Purchase via iTunes here. Purchase via Google Play here. That’s trill support!

Breeze Card

Billy Vietlanta connects with childhood friend, Derrick Russell on the ATLien themed track “Breeze Card”. Catch the wave below and look out for #VivaSovl from Billy Vietlanta dropping off on May 20th!

Billy Vietlanta & derrick russell-Breeze Card by derrick russell



Jaeden Camstra

“Mask Off” Remix

BryZone_YBP, BryZone, Australia Rap, Australia Hip-Hop, New Music, Melbourne DJ, Melbourne Producer, Melbourne Rap, Melbourne Rapper

BryZone_YBP Introduces Stevie Wonder to Molly Percocet w/ “Mask Off” REMIX

Not Guilty

Not Guilty by Rello The GOD

NOT GUILTY the EP! More Flames from THE GOD

allthetime EP, by Korey Wade
Korey Wade – “ALLTHETIME” Beat Tape
Rello The God, Atlanta, Rap, Atlanta Rapper, Soulful, Hip-Hop, Album Cover
Rello The God – “SOUL HOP & SAVING GRACE” Mixtape
BryZone_YBP, Hip-Hop, Australia Rapper, Audible Hustle, Free Beat
BryZone_YBP “BLACK SANDS” Instrumental
Billy Vietlanta, Audible Hustle, Wave God, Going Places, New Music
Billy Vietlanta Takes Off w/ “GOING PLACES”
Rod McCoy, Portland, Radio, College Radio, Hip-Hop, Podcast
Portland University’s 8Flat Frequency Radio Interviews Audible Hustle’s Rod McCoy

Rod McCoy Catches Bodies w/ New “Yea, Thou I Walk” Video

Billy Vietlanta, 89 Waves, Pat Ewing, 90s Swag
Billy Vietlanta Moonwalks w/ “89 WAVES”

YouTube Hip-Hop Critic Luke James  Reviews “KHANTRYDICTION”

Rod McCoy, Interview, Behind The Scenes, Online Radio, Radio
Rod McCoy Interviews w/ THE QUINN SPINN
Rod McCoy, BryZone_YBP, Khantrydiction, New Music
Rod McCoy & BryZone_YBP Release “KHANTRYDICTION” LP

Rod McCoy Delivers The Dope

Beattape, Beat Tape, BryZone_YBP, Audible Hustle, New Album
BryZone_YBP Releases “CAIPIROSKA” Beat Tape
Migos, Bad And Bougie, ByZone_YBP
BryZone_YBP Flips Migos’ & Michael Jackson on “BAD AND BOUGIE”

Billy Vietlanta x “PIGS FLYING”

Rod McCoy Recaps The Daylight Savings Tour

Korey Wade, BryZone_YBP, Beat Tape, Audible Hustle, Australia Hip-Hop
Korey Wade & BryZone_YBP Connect for “Pacific Ties” EP
Travel Thru The Haze w/ Synik on “J.A.D”
Synik, Radio, Online Radio, 8 Flat Frequency
8FLat Frequncy Radio features Synik
Synik, Focus Video, Abib Jahleel
Synik Releases New Video for “FOCUS”