If there’s one man who not only understands the grind, but lives by the laws of the hustle, it’s Audible Hustle‘s very own, Horus Gump, an Atlanta-based musical alchemist; everywhere from blazing bars and defiant keys, to injecting his vision into every last beat.

It’s officially Gumpday. Following the fiery debut of “No Politickin,” Gump now returns with yet another highflier anthem, “Bubble Up,” featuring Sir Hop and PR0B3. Gump spits the essential hustler libretto; lines only true bootstrappers ready to bubble up could feel – “Imma sleep when my lifeline up, I’m in the reach of what I grind for.”

Just as Gump declares, he’s got the same “hustle of a dope boy with a starter bag,” and not even the gods could keep Horus from flying high.

If you “sew just what you’re reapin’,” then this is an anthem you’re sure to Horus Bump

Blaze the beat below.

Everything That Glitters..

written by Viv and Rod McCoy

Mobile, Alabama based songwriter and acclaimed poet, Eterniti Everlasting packs a powerful message into his new single Glitter. Thorough delivered gems is the key on this energetic track with a central theme that everything that glitters aint gold.

Mobile Alabama’s Eterniti Everlasting

If you haven’t heard the idiom before, here’s your opportunity to get familiar. Having worked hand in hand with The Hustlers on previous tours, Mr. Everlasting is an artist primed for the masses. Find balance on this lively single that features fellow upcoming indie N3. Stream Glitter below (click the image) and be sure to keep an eye of for new content from Eterniti.

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