Metro Atlanta Lyft drivers can now utilize Lyft’s new music studio to pursue their musical ambitions while working for the company.

If you haven’t heard yet, Lyft has made a major move to accommodate their fleet of Atlanta drivers. Back in June, the rideshare company opened up a brand new music studio to Atlanta’s swelling music community—specifically those who are also Lyft drivers. The company has acknowledged the fact that so many of their drivers often drive for Lyft in between in between shows and have expressed their desire to help their drivers fuel their further passions. When commenting on the idea behind the studio’s inception, Sam Bond, Lyft’s general manager of the southeast region, stated,

“Atlanta has an awesome music heritage and we have a lot of musicians in our driver community. And we thought, ‘What if we brought that in-house?’ And that was the genesis of the idea…”

The studio, known as AMP’d Studios, is located in Lyft’s main Atlanta office on Howell Mill Road and is totally free for all local drivers. Artists are allowed up to four 55-minute sessions per month and can reserve their sessions up to two weeks in advance.


While the studio is pretty “barebones”, only consisting of a microphone and iPad in a soundproof room according the Ben Brasch of the AJC, the company is consciously stepping outside the box to better the lives of their drivers. Besides, with the independent music grind being as hard as it is, 4 hours of free studio time per month is certainly nothing to sneeze at.  

Written by Simo Haier

  Crime Mob had Atlanta jumping back in the early 2000’s, but they came to an unfortunate end after their second album, Hated on Mostly, was released in 2007. There have been an assortment of rumors behind the reason for the group’s dismantling, but they all generally say the same thing: the members were young and had issues dealing with other members, management, and everything in between. Nonetheless, the group has resolved all of their issues and is ready to get back to the music.

After performing at Atlanta’s V-103 Pop-Up Live Concert, Crime Mob headed backstage for a short interview with Big Tigger. While the discussion was brief, we came away with a good bit of news including the fact that Crime Mob is working on their third album while Diamond and Princess are working on a collaborative project.

Crime Mob now only consists of artists M.I.G., Cyco Black, Princess, Lil’ Jay, and Diamond. Killa C still appears to absent from the group. Check out the interview below.

Written by DJ Robinson

As two prominent members of The Dungeon family, Big Boi and Killer Mike have been keeping the streets supplied with quality music for a while now. Whether the goal is to encourage deep thought or to encourage a spur-of-the-moment smoke session, these two southern lyricists have always gotten the job done and then some. Now, as we approach the release of an upcoming project, the two have decided to hit the stage for a much needed reunion.

Outside of the Dungeon Family Reunion set at 2016’s One Music Fest, many people haven’t heard much about Big Boi and Killer Mike in the same breath unless you were talking about their feisty 2008 beef. Nonetheless, both artists have shown that they are way past that situation with their performance at the V-103 Pop-Up Live Concert. The song performed, which also features Jeezy, is set to appear on Big Boi’s upcoming solo album – his first since 2012’s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.

Killer Mike has been on a steady grind following the release of his group’s Run the Jewels 3 album this past December. Big Boi, on the other hand, has been diversifying his income with his new dog grooming product line. Big Boi and Killer Mike both, however, recently appeared together on HBO’s Animals TV series.  Check out that clip below.

Me and Bro @therealbigboi on #Animals of #HBO now! Shit was fiyah too!

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Written by DJ Robinson