Brent Faiyaz is slowly becoming a widely recognizable name among R&B fans. “Why?”, you ask. Well, maybe it’s because at barely 21 years old, Brent Faiyaz is already on course to becoming an unstoppable force on the R&B circuit. Bold statement or not, you won’t find many people disagreeing with it. Take a listen to Brent’s music and you’ll soon find out why.

The young crooner from Maryland faded into obscurity shortly after releasing his 2015 single, “Allure”, in order to further focus on his craft. However, he has since reemerged and has proven in the process that he was working hard during his absence. He’s dropped 2 EPs (A.M. Paradox and Into), over the past 6 months and an assortment of quality loosies everywhere in between. He was also a featured artist alongside Jefe (formerly known as Shy Glizzy) on Goldlink’s new track, “Crew”.

Brent Faiyaz’s voice is pure and hypnotic, his lyrics are honest and contain a degree of vulnerability, and his songwriting/production is endlessly refreshing. With a set of qualities like that, it’s no surprise that he’s on the come up so fast.

For your listening pleasure, we’ve included his two most recent EPs, A.M. Paradox and Into. FYI, the Into EP is technically by Sonder which is a trio made up of Brent Faiyaz and producers Atu and Dpat.

Written By DJ Robinson