For a true hip hop fan, no one does the art more justice than an underground rapper. For the lovers of R&B and soul, there’s no greater fulfilment than hearing a sultry-smooth voice encapsulate all three of the heaviest emotions: Love, deprivation, and heartbreak.

If you too, are always on the hunt for new tunes, for music that you can feel or just bump to, it’s worth following ‘CaviarMusic,’ a monthly Spotify playlist carefully curated to expose the undiscovered talent you need to hear; everywhere from conscious hip hop to trap music, and contemporary R&B.

Here at Audible Hustle, we’ll be featuring two artists from CaviarMusic each month to get your stupendous playlist sorted. At the top of our must-watch list, recently featured via CaviarMusic, comes these two upcoming artists from both sides of the hip hop family: Glorynade, and Apsolute.

London native Glorynade, proves a beguiling voice beyond the status quo, delivering alternative R&B tunes with a florid-sultry tone, a uniqueness motivated by a fusion of genres: Jazz, soul, R&B, and gospel – a love that stems from her many years singing within a Church choir. Glorynade seals her enthralling sound with a certain delicateness that fans of Adele and Leona Lewis are bound to immerse themselves within.

From other side of the hip hop family, comes Apsolute, an independent rapper on the come up from Massachusetts. With tantalizingly-smooth vocals, a flawless paring with his mellow bars and feel good flow, Apsolute is undoubtedly, an affable talent set to establish a following with the ambition “to create music that is relatable.” If you vibe to the sounds of Russ, the belated Mac Miller, and Chance the Rapper, then Apsolute‘s a sure thing.

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When the news of Mac Miller‘s sudden death surfaced, the rap world in which he had bestowed with an inimitable voice, was absolutely devastated.

Now,¬†under the drive of powerhouse producer, Jon Brion, who closely worked with Miller for several years, Circles, the follow-up album to Swimming, is posthumously complete – and as it manifests, the artist’s melodic cycle has finally come full circle.

While Circles was intended to be the second album in a three-part series, according to Brion, the 12-track album which has no features, just Miller – upfront and vulnerable, provides a compelling insight into his ongoing journey of self-discovery; everywhere from facing the complexities of a “Blue World,” where realising “reality’s so hard to find,” amid searching for “someone to save [him]” from his very own construct (“I Can See“).

The talent that is Mac Miller, is far beyond comprehensible, from writing his own lyrics and producing illustrious beats, to distinguishably gifting the world with an alternative rap voice that compels a most diverse audience; his genuine, kind-hearted soul evoked a certain vulnerability that any human being can relate to – an aptness that simply makes him unforgettable.

Circles¬†is the absolute testament to his life’s work… may Mac Miller live on.

Listen now below.

ShackTalk, ShackTalk..

Luke James, [not-the-singer] takes time from his hectic schedule to examine the debut album from Audible Hustle emcee, Frank’O Shack. The 7-track semi self-titled EP has garnered the support of various tastemakers and digital publications both locally and abroad. The “ShackTalk Vol. 1” album was also recently showcased live on Atlanta’s Edgewood Avenue for one night only. Much time and energy was given to ensure the city had a night to remember and it’s safe to say, nobody parties harder than The Hustlers.

ShackTalk: Album Recap

Frank’O Shack packed a lot of passion and thought into his debut album ‘ShackTalk. Laced with cohesively smooth production, the Introspective Rebel is both reflective and progressive in his given approach. Although the album is roughly around 23 minutes in length, in your face storytelling and synergy welded from start to finish keeps listeners intently tuned in. These are our thoughts on the album; take a moment to hear what leading YouTube hip-hop critic, Luke James‘ has to say below. Remember to grab ShackTalkdirectly from and check out content from fellow AHE creatives.

Luke James’ Detailed Review of ShackTalk

Written by Rod McCoy