On September 30, 2018, T.I. unveiled a new museum to commemorate the impact Trap Music has on today’s culture. Initially, Trap Music emerged from the South, which is home of the hottest original trap rappers like Gucci Mane, Three 6 Mafia, Jeezy, OutKast, UGK, and Master P. The low 808 bass, snappy snares, pipe flutes, and catchy verses provides a unique sound we can hear and feel. It’s no wonder Trap Music has been so influential and embedded into the hip hop world.

Tip “T.I.” Harris dropped his album, Trap Muzik, in 2003 just 15 years ago. His album refers back to his experiences coming up in the streets of Westside Atlanta, where he found his voice. “I wanted to make a classic. I knew I had to make timeless music, which could stand the test of time”, the rapper told Noisey — and that it did.

Trap Music Museum

The museum is partnered with Escape Room ATL, veteran Hip-Hop journalist Maurice Garland, creative artist DL Warfield, and others. Artists who have helped to bring the genre to the forefront of mainstream culture are include: 21 Savage, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Future, and Young Jeezy, all of whom will be highlighted in the showcase.

Similar to an escape room, participants will also have a chance to crack codes to “Escape the Trap”. Each set is designed to take you through the experience of the trap culture’s inception as well as the dysfunctional family ties and hardships many face in the streets. Guests can even sign prison walls during this memorable interactive experience.

Trap Music Museum

Its message is to define society’s standards and to rise above stigmas of Hip-Hop culture. In the words of a trusted writer at Pitchfork.com, “Trap Muzik presents the trap as not just a setting or a sound or a state of mind, but as a portal into the self.”

The infamous Bankhead neighborhood will house the Trap Music Museum. Just in time for A3C week, Atlanta’s annual Hip-Hop festival, the Trap Music Museum will be open to the public on October 5th at 630 Travis Street NW, Atlanta, GA.

For more information visit the official Trap Music Museum website.

Written by Chelsea McKain


East Atlanta Rapper Clu Releases New Music With Happy Homicides
East Atlanta Rapper Cluu Poses On Candler Road

Hailing from the same East Atlanta streets that has molded the likes of Gucci Mane, Future, and 21 Savage, rapper Cluu brings a nuance vision to Atlanta’s music scene. The release of ‘Happy Homicides‘ is the fourth single release from his debut mixtape “RDBS” due out in January.

Cluu – Happy Homicides (World Premiere)


Got A Cluu?

Produced by Cashmoney AP, the bounce of piano keys mixed with deep bass and wavy acoustic samples falls in line with typical pieces that D.R.A.M or Lil Yachty would be featured on. Gratefully, Cluu elects to keeps the bars on deck as well.

Turn It Up Some

Other singles (Cool as Cluu, Udigg, Back Door) have garnered thousands of streams via Apple Music and Soundcloud. It’s with ease that one can accept his craft as being officially, official. With an incredible ear for production, everything Cluu has touched so far is a banger. ‘Happy Homicides‘, laced with a compelling hook and that knock which most southerners love, is a jam that you’ll never want to end. Hit the play button and leave a comment to let a young hustler know your thoughts.

East Atlanta Rapper Cluu

A Windy Day In The Chi

Chicago happens to be one of the rare places where it can rain shells on any given sun-day. Matters are no better when the onslaught is due to mistaken identity. That’s the story of Chi-town’s original Trap Queen, ChellaH. After taking a brief hiatus from the rap game, this massively talented artist has jumped back on track like a new motorsport. Cardi B, the latest emerging female rap superstar has reignited the frenzy of hard-spitting, no frills lyrics, so at no better time could ChellaH‘s new thumper be released.

Chicao's ChellaH Is Ready To Take Shi* Over
ChellaH Has The Look and The Pen To Reign Supreme in Chicago.

ChellaH Releases “Look At Me Now”

Look At Me packed with slapping production from Atlanta’s legendary Zaytoven (Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, Bankroll Fresh, etc) falls right in line with the top notch sound that will continually excite listeners. Behind a hook that’s naturally grippling and tastefully boastful, ChellaH flips bars precisely that are sure to accent your weekend playlist. Lingering keys and dirty 808s gives the single a rhythmic feel that’s murdered while ChellaH flexs in great detail of all that she’s obtained – from Fendi slippers to Fiji’s natural spring water. Dripping with the sauce, you’re highly unlikely find disappointment in this new rap release. Fresh from the barber’s chair or beauty salon, with the wind between your follicles, this jam deserves to get filed away on your In My Bag playlist.

Zaytoven Enlists ChellaH for “Zaytown Sorority Vol. 2”

On the second edition of the self curatedZaytown Sorority project, super-producer and Alabama native Zaytoven enlists Chicago’s ChellaH to bless the offering with none other than her new street sweeping single, “Look At Me”. Obviously ChellaH has garnered the respect of industry heavyweights, in deserving fashion might I also add. Give “Look At Me” a listen below and send ChellaH well wishes for surviving her recent one-sided shootout.

Gucci Mane Girlfriend ChellaH.
Gucci Mane Cuffs The Chi-Town Trap Queen, ChellaH
ChellaH – Look At Me

written by Rod McCoy