If there’s one man who not only understands the grind, but lives by the laws of the hustle, it’s Audible Hustle‘s very own, Horus Gump, an Atlanta-based musical alchemist; everywhere from blazing bars and defiant keys, to injecting his vision into every last beat.

It’s officially Gumpday. Following the fiery debut of “No Politickin,” Gump now returns with yet another highflier anthem, “Bubble Up,” featuring Sir Hop and PR0B3. Gump spits the essential hustler libretto; lines only true bootstrappers ready to bubble up could feel – “Imma sleep when my lifeline up, I’m in the reach of what I grind for.”

Just as Gump declares, he’s got the same “hustle of a dope boy with a starter bag,” and not even the gods could keep Horus from flying high.

If you “sew just what you’re reapin’,” then this is an anthem you’re sure to Horus Bump

Blaze the beat below.

Just like the Egyptian God himself, Atlanta-based visionary and Audible Hustle‘s very own rap artist Horus Gump, soars high in blazing all-new video clip “No Politickin’.”

On the come up from a poverty-stricken life in his hometown of Blackbelt, Alabama, to preserving the art of the hustle in Atlanta, where he now resides, Horus Gump is the defiant embodiment of a spiritual-street, musical alchemist; everywhere from thought-provoking songwriting to spitting inimitable bars.

Now, Horus sets the record straight, declaring “I ain’t about the politickin’, I’m a pilot” in his “butter-drenched banger“, a fiery feature shot and directed by Larimar Media.

For anyone and everyone who knows the importance of protecting your energy, dodging negativity and staying true to the art of the hustle, this track is your anthem.

No Politickin’” is the ninth track from Horus Gump‘s well-received debut album FK.Nga.Szn.

Listen now below.

This past Saturday, Audible Hustle hosted a fun-filled Halloween edition of their Trill FX concert series and it was one to remember. Performers and guests put on their best Hip-Hop themed costumes and headed over to Artisan’s Bar & Gallery to network and have fun. Host Shellie Sweets kept the crowd intrigued with her vibrant energy, while DJ Muzisean played some hard hitting tracks that the crowd couldn’t get enough of.  

The room was filled with creatives from Atlanta and surrounding cities who enjoy Hip-Hop culture, live music, and even visual art as Audible Hustle brought out artist, Chula EA, paint a masterpiece live.

The lineup of performing artists included Audible Hustle’s very own, Horus Gump, who performed lyrical verses and powerful hits from his new album, FK.NGA.SZN and The Strangers, who came through and rocked the house with their harmonious and tuneful sounds. B.L.A.C.K Baron, Willie J, Quin TheWriter, Blizzi Boi, Baking Soda Fresh, and Pensacola-native, Jodye Joe also came through and ignited the stage.

Ice cold refreshments were provided by Artisans’ lovely bartenders while food vendor, Eatz by Dre, dished out savory jerk wings, delightful sliders, and decadent infused red velvet cupcakes.

Not to go unnoticed, some other special guests stopped by. Atlanta based media brands, The Rap Hippies and Makin’ It Magazine, graced the stage and had a chance to speak about what they do and the services they offer. The Rap Hippies produce digital content, such as interviews, while also hosting events such as their upcoming October 30th concert and cypher, The Rapture. Atlanta-based publication, Makin’ It Magazine, on the other hand, is a great platform that spotlights rising talent, executives, and creatives in the urban music industry. Be sure to check both brands out on their official websites.

From live music, live painting, henna art, cold drinks, fresh food, and the most trill audience in the city, Trill FX events are definitely not something to miss out on.

Stay tuned for more details on the next event on November 24th!

Written by Chelsea McKain