Big KRIT drops a hard hitting, self-produced single in “Pick Up The Pace“, a collaboration with EA Sports and MLB The Show. With an anthem-like feel, Krit makes timely baseball references that dually serve as metaphorical words of wisdom.

big krit pick up the pace

A living testament of the grind, its safe to say that Krit has fully embraced his position as one of rap’s top independent artists. Since the departure from Def Jam it seems as if he’s actually gathering more big time placements on his own.

On the second verse of “Pick Up The Pace“, Krit recites “max contract, they want me back, imma have to green it up”. While its unclear if this is a reference to sports and his perceived worth in the arena of hip-hop or a revelation of labels attempting to reunite with the acclaimed creator, its BEEN plain to see that he has no plans of slowing down.

Picking up the pace definitely sounds like the better of the two options.

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Rain or shine, almost daily we work towards growth because forfeited time cannot be later redeemed. Often we look back to where we come from for inspiration, yet with no confirmed future. For most of us, inescapable is our drive to grow and become the best version of ourselves.

After a reluctant hiatus, Horus Gump returns to deliver the feeling in his latest release ‘Grow’, produced by Beat Busta. Planting divine rhymes atop of what’s an obviously preferred vibe, ‘Grow’ is undeniably atypical in the realm of southern hip-hop.

Horus Gump Grow

As one who loves to speak to his listener’s conscious, eloquent lyrics are embedded within both recited verses. The very first line of the song makes the purpose all too clear,

“I was born in divinity, mind body and soul that be the trinity”.

Creating soul searching music isn’t a new idea for Horus Gump. Considering the successful 2020 release of ‘Weight of Generations‘, in more ways than one, ‘Grow’ is quite the perfect fitting encore. With a brand new album in the works, this Alabama native is making a return to the class of thought provoking raps.

Stream “Grow” on your favorite streaming provider below.

If there’s one man who not only understands the grind, but lives by the laws of the hustle, it’s Audible Hustle‘s very own, Horus Gump, an Atlanta-based musical alchemist; everywhere from blazing bars and defiant keys, to injecting his vision into every last beat.

It’s officially Gumpday. Following the fiery debut of “No Politickin,” Gump now returns with yet another highflier anthem, “Bubble Up,” featuring Sir Hop and PR0B3. Gump spits the essential hustler libretto; lines only true bootstrappers ready to bubble up could feel – “Imma sleep when my lifeline up, I’m in the reach of what I grind for.”

Just as Gump declares, he’s got the same “hustle of a dope boy with a starter bag,” and not even the gods could keep Horus from flying high.

If you “sew just what you’re reapin’,” then this is an anthem you’re sure to Horus Bump

Blaze the beat below.