Just like the Egyptian God himself, Atlanta-based visionary and Audible Hustle‘s very own rap artist Horus Gump, soars high in blazing all-new video clip “No Politickin’.”

On the come up from a poverty-stricken life in his hometown of Blackbelt, Alabama, to preserving the art of the hustle in Atlanta, where he now resides, Horus Gump is the defiant embodiment of a spiritual-street, musical alchemist; everywhere from thought-provoking songwriting to spitting inimitable bars.

Now, Horus sets the record straight, declaring “I ain’t about the politickin’, I’m a pilot” in his “butter-drenched banger“, a fiery feature shot and directed by Larimar Media.

For anyone and everyone who knows the importance of protecting your energy, dodging negativity and staying true to the art of the hustle, this track is your anthem.

No Politickin’” is the ninth track from Horus Gump‘s well-received debut album FK.Nga.Szn.

Listen now below.

— Audible Hustle songstress, Shellie Sweets, sheds light on her musical origins, inspirations, and more in this sit down with Atlanta-based media source, Tha Daily Pursuit.

If you aren’t familiar with Shellie Sweets, this is an excellent time to catch up to the rest of us. Although Sweets has been grinding for quite some time, the East Atlanta-bred singer has been hustling particularly hard as of late. From headlining the ‘No Politickin’ Tour,’ alongside Horus Gump to performing on an official A3C stage with Scotty ATL, Shellie Sweets has most definitely been on the move. So much so, in fact, that Tha Daily Pursuit decided to catch her while she’s sitting still to conduct a quick interview.

Shellie Sweets will also be hosting Audible Hustle’s monthly ‘Trill FX’ Concert Series this Saturday at Artisan’s Bar & Gallery. So, if you’re in the Atlanta area, be sure to come out and show her your support. In the meantime, be sure to check out her latest project, Sweet Fix, right here on AudibleHustle.com.