Roses sealed in water bags, sun-kissed shades, and midnight cruises post-sunset, are all part of the alluring visuals that come to life in Snoh Aalegra‘s new music video “Whoa,” featuring a hypnotic on-screen romance with Michael B. Jordan.

Filmed in Berlin, “Whoa” sees an exclusive relationship, perhaps true-to-life, delicately shared between the Swedish-Iranian singer, Aalegra, and American actor, Jordan.

Whoa” paints the picture that RnB dreams are made of – finding a soul mate to immerse yourself within, while time is merely a measurement of the moments spent together; a passionate portrait only a muse as captivating as Aalegra could achieve.

The sensual tune is from Aalegra‘s well-received sophomore album, Ugh, those feels again,” a celestial, track-by-track portrayal of losing “the one” you didn’t plan on.

Listen to the full album below.

Swedish-Iranian muse Snoh Aalegra, proves a pure ride-or-die for the new wave of alternative RnB with sophomore album Ugh, those feels again – a celestial, track-by-track portrayal of losing “the one” you didn’t plan on.

Ugh, those feels again, the follow-up album to her well-received debut FEELS (2017), sees an (even more) vulnerable Snoh; baring the complete spectrum of emotion that comes with falling hard (“Situationship“) for what feels like the love of a lifetime (“Find Someone Like You“), to giving it your all (“You“) only to find out that when you finally break all of the smoky mirrors (“Nothing to Me“) – it’s all over and here comes those feels again (“I Didn’t Mean to Fall in Love“).

And finally, when you’re really through… there comes a moment of enlightenment and self-discovery (the ultimate “Peace“).

Simply mesmerising, Snoh is one of the rare few artists that effortlessly demands attention all by herself with no special features in this album – just Snoh, her beatific vocals, a refreshingly-impressive range and of course, to top it all off… Snoh doesn’t just wear her heart on her sleeve, she puts every bit of it into her music.

Hear the bliss below.

— Coming off of his latest tour, Compton wordsmith, Boogie, decides to bless us with a brand new 2-minute freestyle.

Back in January, Boogie released his debut studio album, Everythings For Sale, just about a year after signing with Eminem’s Shady Records. The album, which included features from heavy hitters such as J.I.D, 6lack, Snoh Aalegra, and Eminem himself, was met with critical acclaim and also peaked at #28 on the Billboard 200 charts. Now, after successfully completing his 18-city Everythings For Sale Tour, Boogie has already returned with some new music.

Although “Expose Me (Freestyle)” is a small sample of Boogie’s apparent lyrical abilities, there is certainly no lack in substance. Boogie gets introspective (which he does all too well) and finds himself attempting to find mental and emotional balance within the unpredictability of his lifestyle. So much so, in fact, that he even recognizes that he himself gets “lost” sometimes and needs help getting back on his path. Still, Boogie seems to understand that betting on himself and leaning on his own judgement is what got him here and what will ultimately propel him further.

Check out the short visual for “Expose Me (Freestyle)” above as well as his Everythings For Sale Tour Recap. Also, with Boogie having already dropped some new music, I think it’s safe to say that we should stay tuned for more.