Horus Gump: Audible Hustle Artist & Visionary

Horus Gump - IDGAF

Run! Horus, Run!

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When the pressure, don’t press ya.. Photo by Kodak K.

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An emerging hip-hop artist and native to Blackbelt, Alabama – Horus Gump is BMI affiliated songwriter and touring artist. As a performer he delivers a vibe dense with passion and immaculate wordplay. Usually based on lessons of life, the art of storytelling, or general theory to evoke thought, his songwriting craft is earned through time and well calculated. Although a free spirit, growing up as a preacher’s kid in the 3rd Coast molded Horus morally and sparked an eternal intuition and thirst for knowledge.

Did You Know: Horus is the name of ancient Egypt’s God of the Sky. Possessor of superhuman strength, stamina and resistance to harm or conventional injury. The Horus Gump alias was inspired by this African deity in conjunction with the legendary Forest Gump.

Born in Alabama and later transitioning between Atlanta and Detroit allowed this Audible Hustle visionary to be introduced to a wide array of musical styles. Aside from the constant barrage of gospel music throughout his mother’s residence, B.B. King and Johnny Taylor dominated most weekends when he was with his father’s side of the family atop the red dirt roads of Lowndes County, Alabama. Years later, artists like Eminem, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and DMX also secretly infiltrated the earphones of the rebellious teenager. No stranger to conflict, Horus Gump has overcome many obstacles that yet stifle many of America’s urban youth.

A lifelong hustler, Horus generally crates to inspire, motivate and enlighten, but let it be known – “even positive minded niggas get tired of fuck shit”! Providing the perfect balance of artistic value and raw entertainment, this emerging creative and Audible Hustle founder is a surefire standout within the independent Atlanta music scene. A poet turned emcee and veteran whose earned each stripe, Horus Gump knows his worth and looks to raise the bar daily.

Click the image below to stream the lead single for Horus’ upcoming “Fuck Nigga Season” EP titled, ‘IDGAF‘. Produced and mixed by Kern Deuce in Los Angeles, California.

Horus Gump - IDGAF
I came into the rap game humble as hell. Nowadays…..