Sparking just as much controversy as it does appeal, with Billboard forced to rethink its rules for artists promoting merchandise bundlesJACKBOYS, the debut compilation album from the Travis Scott-led rap collective JackBoys, is undoubtedly, a must-listen.

American rapper-singer and songwriter, Travis Scott, proves far beyond a musical talent, he’s also an astounding marketer; heavily wielding his prowess as a social influencer with over 20 million followers, to boost his personal brand – and JACKBOYS is instrumental to that growth.

JACKBOYS delivers the alternative hip-hop trap that Scott fans ride with, while selling just as many merchandise bundles as it does streams. The compilation album is a debut for Scott’s new record label Cactus Jack Records, promoting a new wave of emerging artists, notably including JackBoys‘ members Don Toliver, Sheck West, and Chase B.

The seven-track EP also features Lil Baby, ROSALÍAQuavo, Offset, and Young Thug.

Listen now below.

BryZone YBP Creates Ruckus from the ‘Back of the Back’ w/ 14 Track New Instrumental Tape


BryZone YBP Releases New Beat Tape

Hip Hop & Soul producer from Melbourne, Bryzone_ybp, has released his new instrumental album Back of the Back for anyone looking for new music to add to their relaxing playlists. As a member of the beat making collective Lab Co. and Atlanta-based collective Audible Hustle, Bryzone_ybp has released numerous instrumental projects and collaborative albums throughout the years; gaining heavy acclaim along the way.

The 14-track album Back of the Back features what he calls “chill lofi wavy vibes.” If you haven’t heard yet, Lo-fi can be seen as a deliberate aesthetic choice with reference to the sounds of vinyl crackle and sample distortions.

Back of the Back deserves a listen for its creativity, slow moving beats, and the amped-up energy that keeps listeners anticipating more.  Fans interested in hip hop music will appreciate tracks like “Clear Elevation” for its mix of genres, while “Outside” hypes things up a little bit with its distorted yet soothing to listen too. We’d be foolish to omit highlighting butter-drenched cuts such “Stickers, “R & T,” “Light One,” “Move Closer”, “Quiet Down,” and “Late Night Snack” as well. 


The shortest track on the album “Riprodigy” ends as soon as it starts. Yet, it’s fulfilling and stays with you even after you’ve finished the album. You’d want to stick around for “Park Beers,” “Everyday Intrso,” and “Pancakes” for their unique blends too!

Overall, Back of the Back features everything listeners need for a relaxed night in or while taking a stroll down the beach. Take a listen for yourself. Share this with your friends and family too cause this music is timeless! 

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Guest Post by Evelin of

Roses sealed in water bags, sun-kissed shades, and midnight cruises post-sunset, are all part of the alluring visuals that come to life in Snoh Aalegra‘s new music video “Whoa,” featuring a hypnotic on-screen romance with Michael B. Jordan.

Filmed in Berlin, “Whoa” sees an exclusive relationship, perhaps true-to-life, delicately shared between the Swedish-Iranian singer, Aalegra, and American actor, Jordan.

Whoa” paints the picture that RnB dreams are made of – finding a soul mate to immerse yourself within, while time is merely a measurement of the moments spent together; a passionate portrait only a muse as captivating as Aalegra could achieve.

The sensual tune is from Aalegra‘s well-received sophomore album, Ugh, those feels again,” a celestial, track-by-track portrayal of losing “the one” you didn’t plan on.

Listen to the full album below.