A3C Festival and DJ Critical Hype Collaborate on Wu Tang Clan x 2 Chainz Mashup Project, Wu Chainz (36 Trap Houses)

Wu Chainz

-DJ Critical Hype links with A3C Festival to create an unthinkable mashup mixtape featuring your favorite 2 Chainz vocals over classic Wu Tang Clan production titled, Wu Chainz (36 Trap Houses).

For those who are adamant that 2 Chainz is void of lyrical talent, I encourage you to check out this incredible mix of “old” and “new school” Hip-Hop. Blend Master, DJ Critical Hype, works his magic and mixes some of Wu-Tang Clan’s best instrumentals with some of 2 Chainz’s most notable and respected bars.

When making a statement aboutWu Chainz (36 Trap Houses), Wu Tang Clan’s RZA wrote that,

“It’s a bonanza to hear 2 Chainz rip a classic Wu beat… He’s one of the great lyricist from the south that proved lyricism is not regional but based on talent dedication focus and experience… Whether you’re from the Slums of Shaolin or the Wards of the South, hip-hop is our voice.”

2 Chainz, an avid fan of Wu Tang Clan, was ecstatic about the mixtape. So much so, he publicly expressed his satisfaction with the project on his Instagram page.

As you can imagine, DJ Critical Hype was excited to have been recruited by A3C Festival and has this to say about his experience:

“I thought the concept was sick and was instantly curious about how it would sound… Grinding the project out over the last few months, it became clear pretty quickly 2 Chainz’s witty southern raps sounded right at home over the incredible RZA/Wu production. I always enjoy the process of blending 2 different sounds together to create something new – so having the opportunity to do it with a legendary act like Wu-Tang and one of my favourite artists in 2 Chainz has been an amazing experience.”

For those whose love of Wu Tang Clan was just reawakened withWu Chainz (36 Trap Houses), you can check out the entire crew this weekend at the one and only A3C Festival on October 6th. Grab your tickets now at the official A3C Festival website.

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