Andre 3000 Joins Instagram and Shares New Solo Music

     Andre 3000 Shares Two New Songs

In light of Mother’s Day, rap icon Andre 3000 unexpectedly took to Soundcloud to drop two new gems into the music atmosphere today . New to us and old to him, the tracks titled Me & My (To Bury Your Parents) and Look Ma, No Hands were recorded several years ago.  Me & My is a reflective ballad based around memories of parental love from 3000’s childhood while Look Ma, No Hands is a 17 minute Jazz instrumental on which Andre 3000 plays bass clarinet alongside piano from James Blake.

You Can Now Follow 3 Stacks On Ig

 News of the new releases spread pretty quickly thanks to Erykah Badu and a message she posted to the gram featuring a link to the songs on Soundcloud, sentimental pictures of Andre 3000 and his mom and of course an official handle for 3 Stacks’ IG account. The foray into social media is unexpected as 3000 is notorious for being incredibly elusive,   so maybe he’ll be exposing us to more of his solo genius soon. For now, check out both new tracks below.


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