Audible Hustle’s Savon Araeo Releases Walt Disney


One of my favorite releases from 2018 so far comes rushing in from Audible Hustle’s own Savon Araeo. Sporting an aura clearly from another planet and currently touting one of the most unique voices & flows in the indie Atlanta scene, Savon makes it impossible to lump his work in with the crowd. This can be credited to clever writing, excellent production choices and organic story telling.

Making sure to infuse his latest project Walt Disney with a super sticky old school ATL essence, Savon flows over 11 unique tracks that embody the whimsy you’d expect on an album named Walt Disney. What you might not expect is the effortless switch between the caddy riding, throwback ATL feel you get when listening to cuts like the album opener Android 18 and Jody 404 and the dreamy waxing poetic on Morphine.

Check out my favorite tracks from the Walt Disney below and spin this entire indie gem on Soundcloud.