Baller’s Anthem: Lupe Fiasco Uncovers Flaming Single “Run Game”

Simulating the blazing backbeat of a hyped-up Bad Boy Records‘ joint, comes the fiery new track “Run Game,” a recently uncovered single from a teenage Lupe Fiasco before the fame.

Adding a punching vocal overlay and a heavyweight hook into the mix, it’s almost impossible not to lose yourself in this true baller’s anthem, whereby this bustling tune reveals a young hunger in Fiasco that long-standing fans are bound to appreciate.

Fiasco returns to his roots with “Run Game“, which was produced prior to the release of Fiasco‘s first album Food & Liquor (2006), while taking a bold turn from his later pop rap phenomenon Lasers (2011) that fostered a mainstream audience.

Now, Lupe Fiasco assures this fire is only the first from the archives, with major plans to “drop more tracks” that’ve been hidden since the beginning of his career as part of his “Chill’s Spotlight” playlist – stay tuned.

Listen now below.


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