Billy Vietlanta Takes Us on a Trip with “Going Places”


Billy Vietlanta may be on another level when it comes to layering a nifty collage of words over super suave beats, but he’s just like the rest of us. What do I mean exactly? Well, just like most of us, Billy Vietlanta often sits back when he has a moment and envisions the future he sees for himself. Unlike most of us, however, he can turn those images into a bomb 2 ½ minute track, which is what he did with a little help from Phresh Bueller on the production.

Billy Vietlanta is Going Places

Now, while Billy Vietlanta takes some time to visualize his target, he makes sure you don’t get it twisted. When Billy says, “… label me a savage by the way I go and get it. Make a move or make it happen…”, he’s letting you know that his work ethic is what will ensure that he reaches those goals – not his vivid imagination. That’s a concept we can all learn from.

We have a lot of audio dope being cooked up in the Audible Hustle lab at the moment so stay tuned for more from Billy Vietlanta.


Written By DJ Robinson