This Week in Hip-Hop/ R&B History: Long Live the Kane!

Long Live the Kane

Big Daddy Kane helped to usher in hip-hop’s golden era with the release of his debut album, Long Live the Kane

By the late 80s, hip-hop had already caught fire, but things undoubtedly began to heat up around this time. Yet, of all of the artists that helped hip-hop become a superpower throughout the 90’s, very few had the impact and influence that Big Daddy Kane had.

As a member of the Juice Crew, the legendary rap collective headed by Marley Marl, Big Daddy Kane quickly began making a name for himself. However, the 1988 release of Long Live the Kane cemented his greatness in the eyes of many. On one end, Big Daddy Kane showcased his unmatched lyrical skills and flow, even becoming something of a pioneer in the art of fast-rhyming. On the other hand, Long Live the Kane includes a number of commercially successful singles that became timeless classics, such as “Ain’t No Half Steppin’” and “I’ll Take You There”.

The production of the album is also a major factor in the project’s success, but its quality should come as no surprise – the legendary Marley Marl was the executive producer. Though there is some grey area regarding the extent of his contribution to the project, Marley Marl’s signature sound intertwined with tons of funky samples helped to make this album an instant classic.

Take a ride back to the summer of ’88 as you listen to the thunderous and prophetic words of Big Daddy Kane.

Written by DJ Robinson

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