Meet Buzzing 19 Year Old Rapper, Kaleb Mitchell

Kaleb Mitchell Releases New Music with New Album "Mitchell"

Kaleb “Mitchell” Defies Rap Game With Self-Titled Album

Words by Eve Zaidan

Age ain’t nothing but a number for 19-year-old rapper on the rise, Kaleb Mitchell, the sundry voice behind blazing new album Mitchell.

A self-taught pianist since the mere age of five, Kaleb opens his album with a celestial instrumental piano piece, before breaking waves in fire-fueled track “No Way”.

New Rap Album from Indie Artist Kaleb Mitchell

Merging hard-hitting hooks in “Out the Mud”, “Watch Out” and “Free Throw Pt. IV”, together with fluid vocals across mellow affirmations “Alright” and “Lonely”, Mitchell proves a multiplicity of musical talent well beyond his years.

The upcoming artist quickly made his way through the underground hip-hop scene with his first mixtape, Soliloquy, while swiping immortal keys and spitting scorching bars in the 2017 mixtape, So Help Me God – the artist’s first commercial release.

With an unyielding 12-track self-exposé in Mitchell, he sings “They said I couldn’t do it, but I did”, proclaiming a fiery hunger on par with his discography from start until present, rapping like he’s “tryna’ save the world from the apocalypse.”

Rest assured, he did it. The self-signed artist puts Wharton, New Jersey on the map as the borough’s first rapper to ever come out, while having started BENCHWRMRS, his very own record label.

Now, one thing’s for sure – Kaleb Mitchell is only warming up.

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