Must Hear Hong Kong Hip-Hop Label, Wildstyle Records

Hip-Hop in Hong Kong Has Officially Arrived

WildStyle Records based in Hong Kong recently released their collaborative album with the new DragonTown EP. A mashup of heavy trap influenced, synth laced oriental waves and a plethora of unique, engaging flows. The production here is very dense but it’s in great alignment with the overall, ranging delivery. Subtle background effects and complimentary ad-libs light up each track as you’re submerged by the hanging 808s, auto-tune and relentless energy.

Meet Wildstyle Records:
New Music, New Faces | Who Are They?

YoungQueenz & Wildstyle Records
Meet Wildstyle Records, Hong Kong’s Hip Hop Powerhouse

Wildstyle Record Artists: Grymeman, Matt-Force, Mike Waves, Triple G, YoungQueenz, Marmello FloydCheung, Highlife Posse (N.O.L.Y KlassicK Canvas Illegacy)

Hong Kong has had a major English influence up until 1997 when China gained control of the territory from British Colonial rule. These guys have definitely been picking up top notch game along the way. Switching between both English and Cantonese languages adds a layer of mystery to the project but also serves listeners located in the Wild West and Far East simultaneously.

DragonTown EP: A Breakthough Album
From Asia’s Up and Coming Hip-Hop Label

I’d compare Wildstyle Records to Migos and/or Waka Flocka Flame based on their energy, ability to build records collectively and beat selection. Peep the candid cellphone footage from one of their recent shows. The vibe is way trill!

My favorite track is “YAT PIT” (meaning first stroke or  first step) – it’s hard as a brick and best highlights the various intangibles that make this collaborative, new album so special. (Check out the video for this hot track below). With an open mind and your speakers calibrated, there’s no reason you wouldn’t appreciate the tracks these guys deliver. Big ups to the homie Floydcheung and WildStyle Records for choosing to submit new music to us. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for more from this Hong Kong Hip-Hop label. Rich Chigga is alright, but these guys are the real deal.

Stream the Dragontown EP via Soundcloud below! We reposted it just for your listening pleasure.

YAT PIT” – YoungQueenz & N.O.L.Y. ft Yung Takeem

written by Horus Gump

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