Horus Gump Preps for Debut Single “IDGAF” | Produced by Kern Deuce

IDGAF. Fuck Nigga Season. Horus Gump

Audible Hustle Entertainment has been steady making moves and continually grows its recognition amongst Atlanta’s tumultuous entertainment scene. Largely in part to its visionary and creator, Horus Gump. Today, the native Alabama emcee is preparing to release his first official track of 2018 with the debut single, “IDGAF“. A definitive banger fortified with rambunctious wordplay and matching intensity.


Produced by Kern Deuce of Los Angeles, California, “IDGAF” addresses the illegitimacy of Atlanta’s underground music scene. Embedded with politicians (a person who acts in a manipulative way, to gain advancement) and falsified statements, just as in life, the best way to judge character in the A is through action(s).

We posed a question to our Twitter followers a number of days ago that asked: Which do you value more?




Just as we expected, TIME was the number #1 choice [50%], followed by ENERGY [33%] and lastly MONEY [17%]. It’s imperative to trust your intuition and the vibe that exudes from those that you interact with. Eradicate anything less than 💯  and make room for what’s really trill! Focus on what reciprocates your passion and inspiration. Fuck everything else!

Help us make Horus‘ new single an instant success by clicking the cover art below! When you do so, “IDGAF” will be automatically saved to your Spotify library (pre-release) and you’ll be notified instantly as it drops!

IDGAF” by Horus Gump

IDGAF, New Single, Horus Gump, Kern Deuce
Alabama Native, Horus Gump’s Debut Single IDGAF Hits Hard – AF!

 FuckNiggaSeason it’s here!

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