Long Live the Chief! Jidenna stops by NPR for a Classically Expressive Performance


You may know Jidenna as the sharply dressed Nigerian-American MC behind the 2015 hit, “Classic Man”. However, since becoming a double-platinum Grammy-nominated artist he has shown us that he has much more dope product in the vault.

Earlier this year he released his debut album, The Chief, and this past week, he and his band stopped by NPR to perform three reworked tracks from the album. Those songs are “Trampoline”, “Long Live the Chief”, and “Bambi”. So, after rummaging through the Tiny Desk in search of props, which included a tambourine and a Magic Microphone toy, Jidenna and crew took the audience on a phenomenal ride.

Besides Jidenna on vocals, the remaining band members included Andrew Brown on the keys, Jordan Hemby on the drums, Williams Gittens on the guitar, and George Peters on percussion.

Check out the full show below.

Written by DJ Robinson