Just Like Honey: The Internet Unveils New Album “Hive Mind”

New Internet Album: Hive Mind

Words by Eve Zaidan

Alternative R&B collective, The Internet, serve yet another slice of “Humble Pie” with their fourth studio album Hive Mind, a honey-like infusion of sultry rhythm and blues, funk, and the essential trip hop – an idyllic recipe for easing your mind into an all-new high.

Like a bee drawn to honey, illustrious lead vocalist Syd Tha Kyd, is unquestionably a carrier of smooth substance. Imparting euphoric melodies in “Stay the Night” and “Mood”, while funking it up with the wavy swagger of guitar-playing vocalist Steve Lacy in “Roll (Burbank Funk)”, it’s a groove you’re bound to embrace.

But it ain’t a party without keyboardist Matt Martians, the mastermind producer behind The Internet, who takes it to the bridge in “La Di Da” with devout drummer Christopher Smith, before Syd slows it down with an almost impromptu send-off; a signature trait resonating the band’s colossal Ego Death album.

An untarnished state of mind becomes complete with the blissful bass of Patrick Paige II, defying moments in “Hold On” and “Come Together”. At this point, it’s only fair to compare The Internet to that of a superhero squad – the ultimate combination of special forces, and they’re ready to rescue the industry as we know it.

Dip in below.


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