Kenzie Tarantino Remixes Tyler the Creator’s 2013 Album Cut, “Rusty”

Kenzie Tarantino

— Ahead of his upcoming project, Atlanta-based MC, Kenzie Tarantino, exhibits his stellar lyrical talents in the form of a classic Tyler the Creator remix titled “Rusty”.

Over the past year, Kenzie Tarantino has proven, time and time again, to be one of the most gifted lyricists in Atlanta’s underground scene. From his 2 latest bodies of work, Samples and a Redd’s and Red Daze to the loosies he’s dropped in between, Kenzie has refused to let his foot off of the gas. Now, with Tyler the Creator having recently released his long awaited album, Igor, Kenzie’s latest loosie, a remix of Tyler’s 2013 track “Rusty”, has arrived just in time.

At just over 2 minutes, Kenzie doesn’t spend a ton of time on this instrumental, yet you won’t feel cheated. With Tyler’s lush and hazy production providing a smooth ambience, Kenzie Tarantino lyrically dances along with the beat while also providing heavy contrast with his commanding vocals and boastful bars. Furthermore, Kenzie’s tendency to fill those very bars with as much content as possible will have you doubling and tripling back just to catch everything.

Check out the track for yourself above and be sure to visit the official Kenzie Tarantino website along with his Instagram and Twitter to provide feedback, stay up to date with his releases, or to simply stay connected.

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