Kenzie Tarantino Delivers “What It’s Gone Be” Music Video with the help of Director, Ashod Cooper

"What It's Gone Be"

- Just over a month after the July 27th release of his Red Daze EP, Kenzie Tarantino has dropped a visual for one of the standout tracks, “What It’s Gone Be”.

If you aren’t familiar with Kenzie Tarantino, you better get familiar. The Atlanta-based Virginia native has been on quite a run with 2 projects being released within a 6 month period. Not to mention, Kenzie can be seen performing live in Atlanta on any given night when he’s in album mode. Still, he always finds the time to cook up some quality visuals. This time, he hits up Director Ashod Cooper for the official “What It’s Gone Be” music video.

The visual, much like the song, gets straight to the point while also holding your attention in the simplest way. Although the video is set in just one location, this setting (coupled with Cooper’s carefully coordinated camera angles) was intriguing enough for you to never look away. Kenzie also does a great job of energizing the scene with his delivery and performance despite not having props, models, or anything else to use as a crutch.

Check the video out right here and be sure to head over to the official Kenzie Tarantino site and cop Kenzie’s Red Daze EP.

Written by Simo Haier

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