Lupe Fiasco Decides to Kick Rocks, Yet Again

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco was set to release what he claims to be the final three albums of his career in 2017, but it’s looking like that’s not going to happen. This week Lupe Fiasco released a track titled “N.E.R.D. Freestyle” over J. Cole’s “Everybody Dies” beat. As usual, Lupe spit with ferocity. Unfortunately, that ferocity included what some consider “hate speech”.

The lyrics that have everyone up in arms are:

Artist gettin’ robbed for their publishing/By dirty Jewish execs that think his alms from the covenant

Brian Zisook, writer for DJ Booth whom is also Jewish, took offense to the lyrics and called them anti-Semitic in an editorial. Lupe Fiasco did not take this lightly and, in fact, considered this a sign from God. He wrote via Twitter, “Getting beat up for telling the truth is not how I plan on spending the rest of my life”. He then, in later tweets, said a brief farewell to his fans and abruptly ended his career as he wrote, “I’m not releasing any more music… Albums cancelled.”

Lupe has since been in a nonstop tweet/retweet frenzy attempting to explain his position on the matter. He explains that the descriptor “Jewish” is simply present to state a fact and that the execs are not “dirty” because they are Jewish, but because of their actions.

On the bright side, Lupe has falsely threatened to retire before so there’s hope yet, or reason to brace for disappointment – depending on your where your fan-hood lies. With that being the case, stay on the lookout for any changes of heart from Lupe and the arrival of his final three projects DROGAS, DROGAS light, and SKULLS.

Written by DJ Robinson


Lupe Fiasco Retires From Rap After Anti-Semitic Lyric Accusations

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