Make Music Anywhere w/ Pro Tools First. A Free Music Recording Application by M-Audio

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Make Music Anywhere

I can’t all knowingly speak on the artistic prevalence of cities worldwide, however Atlanta’s ratio of creatives vs non creatives has to be astounding. If you were to fly a paper plane from Jackson Street Bridge, I’m sure it’d clip a number of varied, talented artists along the way to its descent. There’s rappers, singers (soul, pop, gospel, etc.), vloggers, podcast/radio personalities, voice over artists, comedians and much more. The process of booking time at a local studio is generally adequate enough for most but for those that like to make music anywhere, we need a more convenient option as well. Let us introduce Pro Tools First by M-Audio to satisfy that specific requirement.

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Free audio recording software, Pro Tools First is a robust and highly capable tool for both beginner and experienced users. Trust me, I know..rarely is anything free in 2017, but rest assured, we’ve done plenty of research so you don’t have to. Just peep game below:

– Pro Tools First offers a maximum of 16 separate audio tracks. That’s more than double the capability of previous versions such as Pro Tools M-Powered. If you’re going to be mixing individual instrumental tracks or layering vocals, this will help get you there.

– Pro Tools First also features professional DAW plugins. Utilize 20+ of the most popular plugins such as Reverb, Delay and more for no fees or purchase required.

– With Avid Cloud Collaboration users are able to collaborate with Pro Tools and Pro Tools | HD users online. A project can also be initiated within the Pro Tools First platform for only $5. Literally, make music anywhere and involve your crew too.

– If you’re an instrumentalist, don’t fret. This program also offers 4 inputs. There’s nothing like the live sound of music but the recorded replicas sure do come in a close second place. Take the vibe to the next level with Pro Tools First.

Aside from the perks outlined above, as an artist you should take pride in learning all aspects of your craft. How dope would it be to intelligently give input on how your music should sound? “A little less reverb here. “Drown the hook in compression on this part.” You don’t have to become an Audio or Recording Engineer but you should become familiar with the intricacies of fulfilling the tasks directly effecting your art.  Take control of your wave today. Register and download here.

written by Rod McCoy

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