Rising R&B Sensation Marco McKinnis Premieres All-New “E’Merse” EP

Amid the all-new wave of R&B comes a divergent creative process, which sees the amalgamation of cross-genre undertones, soul-baring lyrics and self-deprecating truths. Riding that very wave that knows no bounds, is upcoming artist Marco McKinnis.

When McKinnis isn’t taking listeners away with the “Middle Of The Party“, he’s simply evolving; from successfully releasing his soulful six-track Underground EP (2018) featuring the doted single “CPR“, to now returning with his all-new “E’Merse” EP; reinstating the artist’s powerful, rhythmic aptitude to simply magnetize listeners throughout.

It’s hard to imagine a title more fitting for this alternative R&B gem than ‘E’Merse‘, as that’s exactly what this EP entails: the ins and outs of an immersive, one-sided relationship.

E’Merse” is entirely delivered as smooth as pure velvet silk, while embodying a reminiscent journey most would find familiar; from trying to hold down someone who struggles with opening up (“Energy“), to showing your love is enough to change their ways (“Give It Up“) and that finally, you’re prepared to do what it takes for them to start over (“Learn“).

E’Merse yourself below.

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