Miguel Delivers The Antidote With War & Leisure | New Album


Known for his psychedelic take on R&B, Miguel is back with his latest release since 2015’s Wildheart. War & Leisure is arguably Miguel’s best work yet as it seamlessly glues together the themes of cosmic eroticism we’ve grown to adore from him while also making an attempt to suggest resolution to the political plagues we’re all living under. According to Miguel, the salve for the burn of so much war just might be a little leisure as evidenced on cuts like the rebellious banger “Skywalker” which features Travis Scott. / words by ViV

Love Is The Answer:

Miguel Releases New Album

Lyrics Like Art:

Miguel being the consummate song-writer, is known for painting some of the most vivid pictures with words in his music and the music of others. So, picture this: Miguel is across town holed up with his mistress while his woman is on the other side of town alone. In the midst of the forbidden tryst all of LA comes crashing down in an apocalyptic fashion. Track 8, “City of Angels” tells the story, almost akin to a Summer blockbuster action film. While lyrics for the lusty at heart are present on War & Leisure, so are socially conscious quips like the ones in J. Cole’s verse on “Come Through & Chill” and on “Now”, which is themed around a vision for a better world. All in all, War & Leisure is an excellent album that satisfies the duality of being amorous…and aware. Spin my favorite tracks below, of course the full album is available on all major streaming outlets.

Come Through and Chill: Ft J. Cole and Salaam Remi
My favorite track on the album and it’s also one of the most relaxed. Miguel and J. Cole have traded features over the years and every single time it’s pure heat. Come Through and Chill is absolutely no different. Covering the basics of the carnal link up, Miguel croons “ put your sweats on, put your sweats on for me” in this track perfect for all of us happily caught up in the throes of “Hello Stranger” season.

I must confess I love when sex runs parallel to divinity in art. It’s probably the purest form of worship after all and in true art dealer chic fashion Miguel has never forgotten to weave that thread throughout his catalog. Anointed hits the concept out of the park, touting lyrics like “ You make me feel like a God”, “Make me feel like I’m anointed”. There’s way more enticing lyrics than that but you gotta spin this one for yourself…

Told You So:
Heavy influence from The Purple One himself laces the production on this track and lyrics about a very free but also costly kind of love make this one a hit. On first listen it gave me “White Horse” by Laid Back type of vibes, it’s definitely a roller rink classic.