Warner Music Group Offers Free Music Distribution Service w/ Level Music

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Level Music is a Warner Music Group music distribution service. Seemingly coming online in the dark, Level Music plays rival to beloved services like CDBaby, DistroKid, TuneCore and more. [beta.levelmusic.com] Offering free music distribution to top platforms like Pandora, TIDAL, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Deezer with no upfront costs is a pleasant surprise that upcoming talents will be sure explore. Level Music also offers a number of other useful tools such as Linkfire which serves as a landing page for artist’s new music and automatically routes listeners to their preferred streaming provider. They also offer access to industry events designed to empower creatives on their journey to success. Best of all, artists keep 100% of their royalties!

Distribute Your New Music w/ Warner Music Group

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Distribute your latest music to top streaming services like TIDAL, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music & more.

What To Expect?

Hypebot.com speculates that this may be a move for Warner Music Group to gather better insight on a targeted demographic such as young creative entrepreneurs or maybe WMG simply wants to jump into the distribution game because it makes sense to do so. They also claim to offer deeper insight to who artists’ listeners are. Spotify‘s metrics are shabby at all but an improvement sure wouldn’t hurt. Find out more about Level Music directly from their site – beta.levelmusic.com

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