Frank’O Shack Releases New Music Video for Ten Toes

Audible Hustle's Frank'O Shack Poses with Kodak K.
Audible Hustle’s Frank’O Shack Poses with Kodak K.

Southside Atlanta emcee Frank’O Shack continues his winning streak as he drops the highly anticipated visual for Ten Toes..

Remain True 

The release of Shacktalk Vol. 1: The Introspective Rebel set the ball rolling and introduced Frank’O’s fans to previously untold , raw details of his past. Shot and edited by Larimar Media, the Ten Toes visual gave day one fans what they had been waiting for. Active support on social media has propelled the visual to over 1,200 views in less than a week. Although rare, it’s obvious that there are like-minded people who believe in the vision of this Flymind Poet.

Posted with Frank'O Shack
Posted with Frank’O Shack


When asked about the inspiration behind the Ten Toes track, Frank’O Shack broke things down from an artist’s standpoint:

Putting Ten Toes together, I just wanted to display the humble steps that the average artist overlooks. That all the small steps are important and create the big moment. That type of gratitude helps you appreciate the lessons in the journey and how valuable the lesson is. Therefore, I would never short circuit the learning curve or trade those valuable lessons and integrity for a quick buck or fame.

This philosophy can easily be applied to any go-getter’s every day hustle, so take advice from Franko Shack: stay Ten Toes down and watch how far you come up.