NEW YORK, NY (January 23rd, 2019) — Charismatic Atlanta-based rapper, Nessly has released his new single “Love You More” at all digital retailers. Listen to it HERE. It’s the first track to be released from the rapper’s anxiously awaited upcoming EP, Standing on Satan’s Chest -expected to drop in first quarter, 2019. The official date is set to be announced soon (follow Nessly for all updates).

Love You More” is a moody, melodic song that highlights Nessly’s trademark unique vocal production. Nessly gets “in his feelings” and sing-raps against a moody, atmospheric backdrop. “Love You More” catches you on the first listen. The release follows Nessly’s viral social media video which he recently claimed to have an autotune implant in his arm achieving over 25M views across all platforms in less than a week.

With a colorful, psychedelic aesthetic, Nessly stands out as an artist’s artist among other rappers and takes a “one of a kind” approach to every song. Stirring up critical excitement, Pigeons and Planes summed up Nessly’s approach: “During a time of indie rap stars and internet celebrities refusing to adhere to formulas or structure, Nessly is meticulously working on perfecting his. And it’s paying off.Nessly has also received critical support from Billboard, Hypebeast, XXL Mag, The FADER, and Complex! Stayed tuned for much more soon. Keep up with Nessly on Twitter here.

About Nessly

Nessly strives for singularity. The Atlanta-based rapper, singer, and producer carefully ensures that each song stands out just as much as his colorful psychedelic aesthetic does.

“I like to say,Every song is a collector’s item’,” he exclaims. “That’s the goal. It has to be one-of-a-kind for me to put it out.”

Satan'slys Chest, Nes

That philosophy continues to serve him well. At the age of 12, he began rapping in the basement of his brother’s buddy under the influence of Gorillaz, Sade, Santana, Eminem, and a personal favorite—Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak. Post-high school, he forewent college to pursue his dream, teaching himself how to produce, mix, and engineer. Cultivating a following, he would sell clothes in order to buy Greyhound tickets to perform countless underground shows in Toronto and New York City. As his Soundcloud quietly grew, Drake’s OVO Radio became an early supporter, featuring the likes of “Alive,” “Giddy Up,” and “Season.” Meanwhile, Pharrell’s OtherTONE played “Catch A Vibe.”

The last 2 years have seen him release not one but three projects, namely Still Finessin, Solo Boy Band, and Wildflower. Garnering praise from Complex, Pigeons and Planes, and Noisey, The Fader wrote, “Nessly is looking to establish himself as his own separate hitmaking entity,” and XXL described how “[he takes] his sonics to an untouchable level that will challenge the industry.” As he embarked on his very own first solo tour in 2018, he joined forces on collaborations with Ski Mask The Slump God, Joji, Lil Yachty, Yung Bans, and Playboi Carti among others. This gradual rise can be credited to his Avant Garde and truly alternative take on hip-hop…

Creating without limitation, the “Nessly style” comes to life on his most recent release “WILDFLOWER” executive produced by TM88 and Take A Daytrip. “It embodies how I feel as far as the inner ego goes,” the artist admits. “I’m the guy who wants to come out of his shell and explode. I aim to be The Weeknd of rap. I want to be that iconic. “WILDFLOWER” is aboutbeing yourself and, in turn, being embraced for doing so.”

“Wildflowers grow rapidly in places you almost prefer that they didn’t,” he explains. “You don’t want the flower there. Yet, you still admire it. Wildflower represents juxtaposition. I take a beat where you might expect one sort of flow, and I do the opposite—but I make it understood. It’s who I am.”

“The music I make is meant to be inspirational,” he leaves off. “It’s for the underdog. It’s empowering.” Nessly is set to release his upcoming project “Standing On Satan’s Chest” in 2019.

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After enduring  a  “trash” relationship with Def Jam Recordings, which threw his third studio album into limbo, August Alsina has finally returned – solo, and ready to heat things up.

It’s the end of an era with Def Jam and the beginning of something new for Alsina – freedom. Finally “free, Alsina now debuts as an independent artist in the all-new single “Like You Love Me“, making major steam with a sultry music video to suit, while proving he’s all set to Shake the World – the name of his very own record label.

If you vibe to alternative R&B, feeling the sounds of Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez, Jacquees, and Jeremih, to name a few, then your ears are yet to experience the pure passion and poise that Alsina delivers – one well-oiled single at a time.

Whether or not Alsina releases his next album anytime soon, one thing’s certain – “Like You Love Me” is sure to affix to your love-making playlist.

Peep the steamy music video below.

If there were ever a spin-off flick called The League of Extraordinary RappersSmino would undeniably secure a lead role.

Since the loaded release of his debut album blkswn, the steamroller sensation produced by Sango, Smino returns with NOIR – taking a daring turn from his first LP, the Missouri native diversifies, channeling multiple voices, sounds and even the occasional yodel.

Raw, broad-ranging, and unbelievably smooth all at once, Smino dips in and out of vocal styles, musical genres, the highs and lows, and spills dirt, everywhere from riding in a “KOVERT” coupe to having “FENTY SEX (feat. Dreezy)” with his real-life Scorpio lover, and plainly put – this MC ascends beyond the game.

Just as its name would reveal, “MERLOT” is smooth from start until end, while delivering that “MF GROOVE (ft. Ravyn Lenae)“, a celestial affirmation of needing a sign from above, before enclosing the album with the mellifluent “VERIZON“, which sees Smino do what he does best – simply let it flow.

Listen below.