Rello the God Provides Hip-Hop for the Soul on Newest Mixtape, Soul Hop & Saving Grace


As far as Atlanta’s local talent goes, Rello the God is most definitely top tier. Corny cliché topics, phrases, and ideas are absent from his music as he delivers both feel-good vibes and important messages. Now he’s dropped is first mixtape of 2017 and, as usual, he doesn’t disappoint.

Soul Hop & Saving Grace opens up in spectacular fashion with, “DO MY THANG”. He continues his barrage of lyrical assaults over some ultra-smooth beats cooked up by a talented team of producers including Phresh Bueller, B. Young, Justin Kase, AuggieMayne, Dan Fresh, Major League Beats, Bobby Williams, and Rello the God himself. MC’s Truth the God, Pro, and Audible Hustle’s own Billy Vietlanta all come through with guest verses as well.

Overall, Soul Hop & Saving Grace is worth a listen. In fact, it’s worth quite a few listens. So, check it out right here. Also, get the chance to see Rello the God perform live on April 13th at The Audible Hustle being held at Atlanta’s The Music Room.