Get to Know Atlanta Standout, Rshun, as he Prepares to Rock the Stage at RePlayATL’s Memorial Day Show


— Get familiar with Atlanta-bred R&B phenom, Rshun, before coming out to see him live at RePlay ATL this Memorial Day.

If you identify as an R&B lover and you haven’t heard of Rshun yet, you’ve been doing yourself a major disservice. With that unmistakable, feel-good R&B vibe seemingly disappearing from the mainstream music scene, Rshun’s sound is beyond refreshing. In fact, not only does he create music that awakens the nostalgia in many of us, but he also infuses it with the fresh blood necessary to keep our attention and to elevate in today’s musical landscape.

As a RePlay regular, Rshun has come out and wowed the crowd quite a few times, however,  this Monday’s Memorial Day show will be something the see. Catch up on his most recent hits via Spotify and check out one of his previous live performances at RePlay ATL. So, be sure to visit his Instagram page for consistent updates on his journey.

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