The Introspective Rebel: An Album Review of Frank’O Shack’s “Shack Talk” EP


Album Review:

If you’re not inspired, you’re not listening. // written by Viv

Audible Hustle’s own Frank’O Shack has long been putting in the work to cultivate his raw and relatable storytelling style alongside his twin brother Barz Damu as one half of The Flymind Poets. Stepping out on his own, the result is an undeniably necessary seven-track anecdote hinged on the pursuit of personal passions while staying true to oneself and ducking distractions. Boasting features from Barz Damu, WoodGrain Grip, Kapsadik and Al Bee, The Introspective Rebel EP is one of the most honest projects I’ve heard in a long time (introspective being the key word here).

Turning the proverbial lens on himself, Frank’O gives listeners a peak into his own past and the potential pitfalls that could have redirected him before he really knew where he was trying to go. Catapulted by the lessons of his own loss, depression, and the discovery of heights that his artistry could help him reach – Frank’O takes off but not without leaving a trail of truth. Stream $hacktalk EP Vol 1. Introspective Rebel on all major music sites and pick up some truth for yourself. In the meantime, check out my favorite tracks below.

Bounce! Deuce:

Frank’O glides over a Jak4One track delivering my favorite song and one of the most poignant messages on the Introspective Rebel EP. Juxtaposing the things that once held his attention against his current vision towards what he wants, the message is clear all the way through: things and people that don’t line up must Bounce.

Ten Toes:

Intro’d and outro’d with a super relevant snippet of a Cassidy interview, this track speaks to anyone who knows there’s easier ways to get where they’re trying to go but chooses to keep it true to themselves. Sometimes a hard thing to do, Frank’O keeps it ten toes down and inspires the rest of us to do the same while pursuing what keeps us up at night.

Check check out the FyeMeUp ATL Podcast below as DJ FyeMeUp interviews label mate Frank’O Shack and unveiled some of Frank’O’s deepest thoughts.

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