Spotify Has Began Allowing Artists to Upload New Content Directly to Their Platform-Cutting Out the Distributors


-Music streaming giant, Spotify, has commenced their plan to bypass music labels and distributors by allowing artists to upload their content directly to their service.

On Thursday morning, Spotify made a huge splash amongst the music industry when they emailed several hundred independent artists inviting them to use their newest feature. This feature will allow artists to upload content to their Spotify accounts without having to go through a music label or distributor, while also receiving automatic royalty payments.

While this feature is still in “invite-only”/beta mode, this is still a monumental update in the company’s ‘Spotify for Artists’ program. Up until now, artists have been able to manage their pages and monitor viewer engagement, but according to the senior product lead on Spotify’s creative marketplace team, Kene Anoliefo, that wasn’t enough. In an interview with Rolling Stone he stated,

Artists have told us that releasing their music on Spotify can sometimes be a little nerve-wracking, so we wanted to give as much transparency to the process as possible…The new features we built really speak to ease and flexibility. We’re working with independent artists and their teams to own their copyright and distribute their content.”

Indie artists like Noname and Michael Brun have been working with Spotify on the development of their new tools which include the ability to upload music without limits on frequency, size, or quantity. This updated version of Spotify also allows artists to edit metadata as well as review and receive royalties on a monthly basis. There’s even a “future estimated payment” feature that projects next month’s earnings.




This new format is sure to help independent artists all over the world distribute their content faster and more efficiently without sharing their hard earned royalties with other parties. On the other hand, I’m sure you can imagine the dissatisfaction amongst music labels and distribution companies as yet another major technological shift makes them a bit more obsolete.

Nonetheless, the game is changing right in front of our very eyes and it’s time for everyone involved in this circus known as the music industry to adjust yet again.

Spotify plans on rolling out more invitations in the coming weeks and months while also making tweaks based on the feedback of their beta users. So, stay on the lookout for when this program officially goes live. Better yet, you may be one of the lucky indie artists that have a chance to test the platform before it is available to all. Either way, prepare for a major game-changer.

Check out the official Spotify blog post here.

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