WOW! Stevie Wonder’s on Molly Percocets | A Remix to Future’s “Mask Off” By BryZone_YBP


Last winter BryZone_YBP laced together Migos’ “Bad and Bougie” with Michael Jackson’s “Lady in My Life” for a stellar remix of the rap trio’s chart topping, hit single. Merging together classic cuts from decades apart, the final product was seamlessly dope. This time he introduces the dreadheaded brothers Stevie Wonder and Future Hendrix for Molly Percocets (sounds like a real name).


After international blog mentions and much deserving social commentary, the Australian producer has snatched another banger from Atlanta with Future‘s ultra melodic “Mask Off” anthem.

Dragging down the tempo and conjoining Stevie Wonder‘s “Rocket Love” instrumental atop Future’s addictive, drug ridden lyrics could earn this one a spot on your late night “Cut Sumn” playlist. Let’s hope nobody has to actually take their mask off during the process.

The Audible Hustle / LabCo producer has been extremely active in recent months. Having the opportunity to rock many events, as he’s recognized in Melbourne, Australia as the region’s illest soundsmith. Allow this to serve as yet another reminder from the man of the land down under.

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“Mask Off” on

It’d be more than logical to assume this remix will be received just as well as the last, if not better! After all, there isn’t a Lil Uzi Vert verse here to cringe while listening to.

Catch the wave from this Audible Hustle creative below. Drop a comment and tell us your thoughts kinfolk.

written by Rod McCoy


bryZone_ybp – percocets, molly percocets by bryZone_ybp

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