Strange Music’s New Artist Joey Cool Releases Self-Titled Debut Album

Joey Cool's New Self-Titled Album
Tech 9 Artist, Joey Cool
Joey Cool. KCMO’s emerging hip-hop star.

Aiming for your nugget everytime, Strange Music artist Joey Cool is an emcee with effortless flows that transcends his moniker each time he touches the microphone.

KCMO’s Rap King Delivers w/ “Joey Cool” LP

A staple in the Kansas City hip-hop scene, Joey’s new self-titled release is bound to hit massively in the Midwest. We’re here to ensure that the our audience is dully noted as well. Understand up front that the “Joey Cool” LP is densely dope. Showcasing pure versatility and promise, Joey Cool heats up verse after verse with a variety of topics.

Joey Cool's New Self-Titled Album
I really love the eclectic sound and direction of this album. Joey Cool is a surefire talent at Strange Music Entertainment.

“Joey Cool” Album Review

Under Pressure” featuring Suli4Q delivers a mid-tempo, jazzy vibe blending Joey’s laid back approach with a crisp, energetic cadence. Suli4Q’s hook sits perfectly in the pocket amidst the horns and percussion laced within the production that he also birthed. The “Young Swanky Frank Sinatra” aka Joey Cool knows this one will be a fan favorite. As many artists face pressure from both internal and external sources, being able to maintain balance and emerge victorious is essential. This is a life lesson.

On “Hard“, both instrumentation and Joey’s craft are nearly polar opposites of the aforementioned “Under Pressure“. The Bay Area wave produced by Burna features fellow DIBKIS affiliate JL. He and Joey Cool weave throughout this hot new record with bodacious bars and relentless energy. Many of my West Coast homies will adore this joint. Chemistry between both Joey Cool and JL are evident as this track serves for a good change of tempo on the self-titled new Joey Cool” LP.

Stranger Things” finds Joey Cool touching topics touching like Colin Kaepernick, Donald Trump, Puerto Rico’s recent disaster, war, healthcare, police brutality, the standoff in Standing Rock and more. With lyrics stapled to a mid-tempo, eerie and abstract beat, Joey Cool takes time to connect to listeners with his most meaningful offering being found here. Despite the lives lost to Police, despite the conflict of interests found in for-profit healthcare, despite the hate that Donald Trump exudes throughout the world, Stranger Things have happened – or not..

I’d love to hear Joey Cool on a track with Royce Da 5’9. Their lyrical energy and Midwest styles would compliment each other well. Joey Cool claims that he’s on the pursuit to make America great again [….I’ll just stay on topic here…], his new self titled album “Joey Cool” surely sounds outstanding. It’s pretty refreshing to hear music not drowned with auto tune. “Joey Cool” sticks true to being a mostly lighthearted collection of quality music from Strange Musics new rap artist. Storytelling and meaningful messages are delivered on “Family”, and “Stranger Things”. The production from each track works together well. Songs like “I’m The Plug” and “Under Pressure” both add tons of flavor. Joey’s beat selection is naturally fitting for the purposed aesthetic. I’d replay this project without much hesitation and I highly suggest that you do the same! Keep the trill shit alive and spin the complete album below via Spotify.

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