Today in Hip-Hop and R&B History: DJ Kool Herc Throws His Historic Back To School Jam

DJ Kool Herc

— There is no day more important to Hip-Hop than the day that it was actually invented. For this, we must thank DJ Kool Herc.

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Today, we have a real treat in being able to commemorate the day that the almighty genre of music we know as “hip-hop” was invented. To be honest, a national holiday should be in the works for August 11th, but that’s a conversation for another day.

44 years ago, on August 11, 1973, it all started when Cindy Campbell decided to throw a party in order to buy new clothes for the upcoming school year. For help, she called on her 16 year old brother Clive who was known for his record collection and large stature, hence his nickname – Hercules.

The party was an absolute hit as the Jamaican-born teenager spun an eclectic mix of records from James Brown and The Jimmy Castor Bunch to The Edgar Winter Group and English Rock band, Babe Ruth. While DJ Kool Herc was rocking the turntables, his friend, known as Coke La Rock, shouted out the names of their other friends in a rhythmic fashion over the drum breaks and instrumentals. As you may have guessed, this became the foundation upon which emceeing was built.

From that point on, DJ Kool Herc became famous throughout the entire Bronx as he embarked on a journey that would dub him the creator of one of the largest and fastest growing genres of music in the world… And it all started from a small rec room of an apartment building on 1520 Sedgwick Ave. in Bronx, NYC.

Written by DJ Robinson

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