Travel Thru The Haze w/ Synik on New Release, “J.A.D.”


Coming through to kick off the new year, Synik releases a brand new track titled J.A.D” (Just Another Day). Offering a dose of storytelling, sociopolitical review and the never fading charismatic vibe, this piece comes just in time to satisfy all but you’re gonna hate that its only 3 minutes long. Gratefully, the repeat button never hurt nobody so, #spinthatshit. 

Conjuring reminiscent thoughts of the burden that comes with being a black man in America and bars later giving the run-down on a successful night out on the town, with ease does the penman keep us on edge. With a new project in store, you can get ready to get reacquainted with the Meridian native and add even more of his work to your playlist(s). Stay tuned to catch the wave first and hear our collaborative track “Out The Whip” ft/Smoky DB on my upcoming album. Here are now however, check out the new record from Audible Hustle’s Synik and then play it once more to make sure you digest it all. Hustle hard, keep it trill.

written by Rod McCoy