Tyler The Creator Blossoms Beautifully on “Flower Boy”

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Never ever one to shy away from controversial subject matter, Tyler, The Creator drops a new album and lets listeners into the heart and mind of a “Scum Fuck Flower Boy”..

Flower Boy by Tyler The Creator

As if the lesser used alternate album title was not controversial enough, Flower Boy appears to serve as a segue into a conversation about the sexual orientation of a rapper once banned from the UK for using homophobic slurs. Whether Flower Boy is a genuine coming out party for Tyler, The Creator or just some Odd Future style trolling is up in the air. What is concrete is the fact that Flower Boy sees Tyler, The Creator leveling up musically while exploring his mental growth and advocating for Black youth to be themselves.

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Kali Uchis, Lil Wayne , Estelle, A$AP Rocky  and Corinne Bailey Rae are just some of the colorful features that come together to help Tyler, The Creator paint his own unique and introspective picture of Black masculinity and youth.  You can listen to a few personal faves from Flower Boy below, the full album is streaming everywhere.

Ridiculously relatable. Corinne Bailey Rae lends just a little of her time and a whole lot of her impact with soft, breezy, almost maddeningly succinct vocals on this track. Find some time to spin this.

Droppin’ Seeds:

This is really a Lil’ Wayne track with a Tyler, The Creator feature and I’m almost positive Tyler meant for it to be that way. Only 60 seconds long but still a highlight on the album due to Wayne’s usual effortless flow.

Enjoy Right Now, Today:
A lush and hopeful instrumental featuring a child yelling “Hey”, a giggling baby, synths, and strong drums. This track was easy to get lost in, and if the album cover could be described with a song…this is it.

Penned by ViV C.

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